Disney World has many different types of transportation to get between parks depending on the park you are at.  You might take a boat, a bus or the monorail and each method easily accommodates a mobility scooter a.k.a. electronic convenience vehicle, ECV, electric wheelchair.  But what if you are driving a car between parks? Many Disney World visitors choose to drive between parks rather than wait for Disney transportation and if you are also using an Orlando scooter rental you will need to ensure the scooter easily folds-up or breaks down to fit in the car trunk.   New technology, advanced engineered designed scooters now provide for lightweight scooters that disassemble into 3-4 components to be placed in a car trunk and don’t take an advanced engineering degree or bodybuilder with you to lift it.  It should take no more than 1 minute to assemble or disassemble and make sure the rental company has a video you can watch showing you the scooter model you will be renting and how it does breakdown and fit in a trunk. Even if you do not plan to drive between parks, you still may decide to take a taxi to a outlet shopping mall or might even need to take a taxi on-property if you are late for dinner reservations or a character meal event and cannot wait on Disney transportation.  So having an Orlando scooter rental that has the ability to fold up or break down and fit in a car trunk can become the feature that saves you in a pinch and makes your vacation all you wanted it to be and more.