Cruise ships are all now super-sized no matter whether it is a 3, 4, 5, or 7 day cruise and those who need assistance in getting around such a large ship can improve their cruise vacation experience and in some cases even make it a plausible vacation option with a mobility scooter rental.

Mobility Scooters engineering has improved greatly and scooters that are lightweight and can fold up yet are still full sized and not flimsy little things are the perfect choice for a cruise.  A fold up model can easily be transported to and from the port, ridden onto the ship by the person who needs the mobility assistance, and folded up and stood on its end in the cabin to save precious floor space.

Most Port Canaveral cruises which are typically Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line or Carnival Cruise Line route passengers via the Orlando International Airport (OIA) also known as airport code MCO to get to and from their cruise.  Mobility Scooter renters can pick up their scooter at the airport and benefit from having it to assist them through their embarking and debarking process, which can be lengthy.  Whether arriving to the Port via bus or car, standing and walking through the port and the embarkation and debarkation process can be daunting if not undoable for those who need assistance with their mobility.   Make the most of your cruise vacation or even better, enjoy the ability to take along a limited mobility friend or family member that otherwise would never be able to make the trip.