Each passenger on a cruise can make it just what they want it to be, either a relaxing, sit on the deck and soak in the beauty trip, or party till the wee hours time.  That’s the great thing about a cruise vacation.  The disadvantage however goes to those who may not mobile enough to navigate the super liners that are today’s cruise ships.  But those who need or just want mobility assistance can take advantage of a mobility scooter rental.

So how does it work?  For cruises departing from Port Canaveral, passengers are routed via Orlando International Airport (OIA) also referred to as airport code MCO.  Cruise Lines departing from Port Canaveral are Disney Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line or Carnival Cruise Line.  A service oriented mobility scooter rental company will deliver the right type of scooter to you directly at the airport which allows it to be taken with you and your luggage to the port via bus, van or car.  And the most important aspect of having it delivered to you at the airport is being able to use it to go through the embarkation process (getting on the ship) which can be quite lengthy as well as a long walk and wait.  Your luggage may take awhile for the porter to get it to your cabin, but you get to use your mobility scooter to get onto the ship.  And once you return from your cruise, the mobility scooter rental company will either arrange to pick it up from you when you arrive back at the airport for your departure flight or if you tag on a few days at a local Orlando attraction and hotel, can pick it up from your hotel.

While on ship you will want to ensure the mobility scooter you rent easily folds up or breaks down for placement in your cabin.  Cabin space is a precious commodity on a cruise and you don’t want to impinge upon that valuable space with a mobility scooter that is heavy and unwieldy.  A good choice is find a mobility scooter rental company that offers several models to choose from so you can ensure the best choice for your needs.

Don’t let the daunting task of traversing a cruise ship keep you or a friend or a loved one from experiencing one of the best vacation options around, a cruise.